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  • Apr 16

    FSK Celebrates 20 years of success

    The Federation of Shotokan Karate celebrated their twentieth anniversary this year with a Summer Ball held at the Rutland square hotel in Nottingham.

    Instructors and guests including people who have sponsored the teams over the years were treated to a sit down meal and evening entertainment and all were given a colour brochure covering the last twenty years as a give as well as presentation pens.

    The black tie event began when guests were greeted on arrival by a Del Boy look-a-like who tried to sell them dodgy watches and chat up their wives! After the meal Aidan Trimble received the first surprise of the evening when large a cake was unveiled. This was followed by a speech from Aidan welcoming sponsors and honoured guests such as Dave Hazard for the evening. He recalled many anecdotes from the past twenty years and then presented FSK instructors with impressive crystal trophies as a token of gratitude for their help and continued loyalty.

    A senior instructor in the FSK Dave Owen took the mike following Aidan’s speech and made an impromptu and emotional speech complimenting Aidan Trimble and this was followed by two instructors Deb Beevers and Sue Bance presenting Aidan with a crystal sculpture created by a local artist as a gift from the FSK instructors.

    Many old students and instructors came for the evening and we look forward to the next twenty! 

    Posted By Super Admin on Apr 16, 2014 at 3:17 PM