What the Magazines Say


"Aidan Trimble has, in the last few years, achieved more in the world of karate than many people will achieve in a lifetime"
Martial Arts Illustrated

"Aidan Trimble has been one of modern Shotokan Karate's most outstanding competitors"
Combat Magazine

"Aidan Trimble's sheer size belies his extraordinary kicking skill and his fighting ferocity his deep interest in Kata"
Traditional Karate Magazine

"Aidan Trimble has left his mark as a fighter and as one of the most outgoing and talented of Shotokan's new breed"
Combat Magazine

"There are only three other British Shotokan stylists in this country in my opinion who have this unique individuality, Terry O'Neil, Dave Hazard and Aidan Trimble"
Shotokan Karate Magazine

"Aidan Trimble represents a very human face to the World, one which makes karate both inspiring and approachable"
Combat Magazine

"Aidan has transcended not only association and style, but also his Martial Art. Aidan shows all the signs of becoming one of those special Sensei's (teachers) in any given generation, who will leave his mark upon the development of Karate-Do"
Fighting Arts International