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News - New Honbu Dojo opens  

This year has seen the realisation of a dream for Sensei Aidan Trimble as he opened the FSK Honbu Dojo in Nottingham.

The Dojo is based in an old building where they used to make Humber Bikes known as ‘Cycles to the Royals’. The building needed extensive work with the contractors taking over two months to complete. The results however are impressive, with lounge area, changing facilities, a large matted, air conditioned hall and reception.

The Dojo has an excellent atmosphere with mirrors down one side of the hall and Makiwara on the other. The training can be observed in the lounge area as cameras in the dojo itself are relayed on to a plasma TV.

 The FSK are already holding Kyu and Dan gradings as well as well as Black and Brown belt courses. All these take place at the weekends as the dojo has a comprehensive programme of classes through the week to accommodate all grades.

It is planned that other courses will take place at the Dojo in the future with leading sensei.